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Healing For Over 30 Years
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Functional Testing

Extensive testing to better identify and treat not only symptoms, but causes.

Advanced Treatments

State-of-the-art treatment procedures and equipment to more efficiently treat and change.

Researched Supported

All of our treatment, testing, and procedures are backed by years of experience and research.

Our Company Values

Healing The Whole Person

At Provo Health, you aren’t just a list of symptoms. Symptoms give us clues as to what might be going wrong, but we treat the whole body with the intent to heal, not just cover up your symptoms. We do this through our unique, functional healing approaches—from nutrition, to one-of-a-kind, scientific functional testing, to truly unique treatments, and more. We make sure the healthiest version of you leaves empowered by answers and solutions, because we don’t believe in band-aid approaches. We believe in life-changing answers.

A Little Of Our Story

About Us

Provo Health was founded in 2012 in Provo, Utah, with one goal in mind: Bring the best possible healing methods to Utah. It started with just one service: massage therapy. On top of that it had just one employee: Juanique Roney.

Though small, Provo Health quickly gained a loyal group of customers that loved the individual treatment they received and the incomparable results they experienced. Juanique’s unique form of neurostructural massage therapy was an instant hit with clients.

Everything changed in 2016 when Juanique’s husband, Tristin, was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. The Roneys began a journey of education, experience, and enlightenment about the world of health and healing. They developed a new resolve to help people improve their health naturally and affordably.

See Our Story

Provo Health is amazing! I have been struggling with digestive issues my whole life and am finally starting to feel better. Thank you so much Jauinque!!

Nicole R.

Love all the amazing things that Provo Health helps people naturally and lovingly. A great place for healthy to really sick people!

Bill L

They were so helpful in getting me in right away and addressing my needs. They are very knowledgeable in so many areas.

Amanda C.

Provo Health is a dream come true for people like me who generally eschew traditional Western Medicine whose main focus seems to be writing prescriptions to sustain big pharma. …More

Kathy H.

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