Typically I like to follow up with the people that I work on to see how their session with me felt 1 day to 1 week later. The other day I got this email from a client  and it just made my week so I asked her if I could share it.

Dear Juanique,
I am so glad you sent this email out! I wanted to write and tell you about the world of good you did for me. I went in with a huge headache and came out relaxed and calm. I REALLY appreciate that you asked me what I would like worked on because normally I don’t pay attention too much to those special areas , I just look forward to whatever you will do. But, by asking me I was able to tell you about my TMJ issues as of recent and you really did your magic on that area for me. Thank you so much. I felt so healed and already look forward to our next appointment. Thanks so much

I was tickled pink all day after reading this!

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