Flat Foot Syndrome

Flat Foot Syndrome

A common thing I keep seeing these days is Flat foot syndrome. People have often asked me why this happens. There’s a lot of info on the internet you can read as to why but in my personal opinion the reason WHY we are losing them is because we don’t USE them!

“If you don’t use it, you lose it”.

A lot of the people I work on have probably heard me say this before. If you are not using your arches, you’re going to lose them. Yes, a lot of it has to do with developing your arches during your childhood but there’s still hope for those of us who aren’t children any more.

In todays society we don’t develop arches because we pamper our feet too much or we are just not as active as our bodies were designed to be. When we run we run heel-toe, we wear protective shoes, we only use our feet to stand (and not to pick up things or kick things or jump or sprint), and so on.

Here are a few videos I found that I really liked. Also, if you’re interested, do some reading on the Vibram 5 fingered shoes.

These videos go from the least intense exercises to the most intense. More health related topics can be found at www.newhealthandhope.blogspot.com




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