Is Your Stress as Bad as Sugar?

Is Your Stress as Bad as Sugar?

It shouldn’t come as a shock to you that sugar causes more disease than any other substance on earth. From diabetes to cancer to heart attack and obesity, sugar is the cornerstone of many of these diseases.

With that being said, many of my current clients and friends know, gut biome is  a HUGE deals to me and I strive to educate as many people on its effect as possible. And even though many alternative experts have been singing this tune for years, the science and data is finally catching up to what many have already been teaching all this time, that you are not just a being of chemicals but what you think and how you stress directly effects the chemistry in your body as well as the living organisms that live inside of it (and by “organisms” I mean the good and bad bacteria, viruses and helminths that help your body breakdown and metabolize nutrients). And as science has shown, eating sugar not only encourages the “bad” bacteria to grow more but it encourages unhealthy biome ratios in your gut which then lead to a chain effect of other digestive and health disorders.

So when it comes to stress, do we know if it’s as bad for you as a standard American diet is or even just sugar? Could we eat perfectly and still suffer from health ailments?

HERE, a science news article discusses the research done on mice and the remarkable finding of that research when mice were exposed to stress and sugar. And as a person who works on stressed bodies but who has also been subject to experiencing stomach ulcers due to huge amounts of stress, I can personally testify that this study proves 100% to be true. 🙂

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