Ozone Therapy and Pink Eye

Ozone Therapy and Pink Eye

Pink eye is no joke. And according to the Mayo Clinic, pink eye can last up to 2 or 3 weeks.

My 5 year old contracted pink eye while we were on vacation with my brother’s family. He had it for 5 days before we got home from vacation and got him into the Ozone Sauna (the HOCATT) at our clinic. For 5 days his eyes went from bad to worse and showed no signs of improving any time soon.

The next morning, the morning after he had his HOCATT treatment, he woke up and his eyes were 95% cleared up. Hardly any redness and goop remained.

However, his cousin who was on vacation with us, had started symptoms of contamination. Luckily, his parents were able to get him in the HOCATT on day 1 and 3 of him showing symptoms. and as you can see below, the results are astounding!

According to his mother, “Day two was the worst his eyes ever got. He woke up on day 4 with zero red, zero goop, zero anything! Nothing but beautiful white eyes!”

Ozone therapy continues to impress us! not only is it a powerful antibacterial and antiviral therapy but its relaxing atmosphere allows for young kids to utilize it as well as adults. According to THIS study,

“Ozone gas has a high oxidation potential and is 1.5 times greater than chloride when used as an antimicrobial agent against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa. It also has the capacity to stimulate blood circulation and the immune response. Such features justify the current interest in its application in medicine and dentistry and have been indicated for the treatment of 260 different pathologies.”

Ozone is widely used in orthodontic practices in place of antibiotics yet it’s use in the medical world remains non existent (in the United States) in spite of the mountains of research surrounding it. However, here at Provo Health we encourage all our clients to utilize this powerful tool for their benefit.

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