The Amazing Morning Meal

The Amazing Morning Meal

Because I often lecture my clients on their diets, often times the question, “What do YOU eat” comes up. In my opinion (and according to science), breakfast is the most important meal of the day (Don’t skip it folks!!)

Green smoothies are an AMAZING way to start your day!

Not only are they DELISH but they have 8-10 servings of fruits and veggies, and they’ll make you crave less food throughout your day (because you’re all filled up with nutrients).  Most of us hardly come close to getting the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables a day. With these smoothies, you can get them in within the hour after waking.

Here’s a favorite  recipe of mine. All the ingredients are available at Costco and  it’s ALL ORGANIC!!!!! Bonuses everywhere, right?!

(my nieces tend to love it as well, see the green smoothie smile?)

This recipe makes one liter which my husband and myself drink for breakfast. You can make this for just yourself and drink it throughout the day or share it with your family.

Cherry Green Smoothie

~1 cup Organic frozen cherries

~1 organic banana

~2-3 cups organic spinach

~2-3 cups kale

~1-2 large chard leaves

~0.5-1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

~0.5-1 cup water

Throw all these things into a blender and blend until smooth. Drink and enjoy

(Here’s a picture of what our blender looks like every morning. Starting from the top hopefully you can make out the spinach, banana, chard and cherries.)

If you are newer to green smoothies or if you are trying to get your kids to enjoy them, maybe put less greens to start with. Increase the greens with time. And don’t tell your kids what’s in it…it may scare them 🙂

Here are a few extra things I like to put in my smoothie from time to time that are MUST HAVES in every kitchen.

NuLife Herbs Matrix Meal Plant Protein Powder – Of all the proteins, this one is THE BEST! Made ONLY from plants, no added artificial sweetners or fillers! (Available at our shop)

ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops– This helps put back vital minerals in the body that we are missing from our standard American depleted diets. (Also available at our shop)

Simply Stevia: Creamy Vanilla– For those who like to sweeten the deal. Stevia is a calorie free sweetener from the stevia plant. Although I’m not a big fan of this particular one because the vanilla has “Natural Flavors”, it’s a good way to still make something taste amazing without adding loads of sugar, honey, agave, etc. (In my classes that I teach on health we will go over the different types of sugars in our diets and why they are either good or bad for us. I’ll even teach you have to make your own stevia!!)

Chia seeds– Great super food! Everyone should be eating this stuff. good source of fiber and omega 3.

Flax seed- Great source of fiber and omega 3.

Lemon– Often times I’ll put half a lemon in our smoothies. Lemons are GREAT for cleansing the gut and aiding digestion. It also checks the excessive flow of bile. Know anyone with a history of gallbladder stones? They should be drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice (diluted in water of course).

What do you put in your breakfast smoothie?

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