The Provo Health Lyme Protocol

The Provo Health Lyme Protocol

Today I want to brag a little and then talk about one of our favorite things to do here at the clinic. The bragging part is in the image above↑

For those of you who don’t have a magnifying glass on hand, here’s what the text says:

The client (who came to us with a diagnosis of Lyme Disease) sent a screenshot of her physical activity stats for the day before. She walked 6.1 miles, took 13,702 steps, and climbed 24 flights of stairs. Then she said, “You guys I have been meaning to text you for weeks. I wanted to give you an update. I think this screenshot of my day today will speak volumes. We are on a family vacation and this was our day today. We have had several of these in a row and I’m still feeling great. I have no doubt that the treatments in your clinic and your advice were a big part of this. I continue to heal and will probably be in again to get more ideas/treatments and whatever from you guys. I ‘m so thankful to be on this path, to be able to participate in life again and to feel good.  ❤ Thanks for all your studies on health, for caring about your clients and for your clinic.”


Now first off, I want to make it clear that I’m not giving our clinic all of the credit for this client’s progress. She did many things in addition to our protocol, and I believe strongly that her emotional and spiritual process was just as important as her physical process.

That being said, stories like this are becoming more and more common at the clinic. This is very exciting, because Lyme Disease is a debilitating condition that severely depletes quality of life. Symptoms include extreme fatigue, skin issues, pain in hands and feet, head and joint pain, meningitis, anxiety, and depression. 

In addition to its severity, Lyme Disease also holds the distinction of being difficult to treat. Patients often undergo years and decades of intense antibiotic treatments with little or no progress.

Hopefully you can see why it would be a big deal to find a treatment protocol that gets results. And here is the reason why our protocol seems to be getting good results for people who did not see benefits from previous treatments:

The Full Provo Health Lyme Protocol (7-8 weeks)

Essential Modules

  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) 5-6 days/week
  • Ozone steam sauna (HOCATT) 2-3 days/week
  • Reflexology foot compression 3 times
  • Nutrition counseling

Recommended Modules

  • Supplementation protocol
  • Epigenetic nutritional analysis (hair analysis)
  • Functional blood test review
  • Lymph compression suit 1 day/week

As you can imagine, the protocol is very involved and time-consuming, but here’s the good part: it’s less than two months. Considering most of our clients with Lyme Disease have been suffering for decades and have been undergoing brutal treatments for years, a couple of months isn’t long at all.

Here is a brief summary of how each module contributes to wonderful outcomes:

HBOT: This is the core of the protocol. Hyperbaric oxygen combines high pressure and high-purity oxygen (99.5% in our case) to force oxygen into every tissue and cell in your body. This is great, because oxygen fights inflammation, boosts the immune system, improves circulation, and directly fights pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, etc.

In the case of Lyme Disease HBOT is particularly useful, because it is one of the few things the bacteria is unable to hide from.

HOCATT: This tool is what sets Provo Health apart from every other clinic in the country (maybe the world). Our steam sauna bathes your body in oxygen’s superhero cousin, ozone. This molecule does everything that oxygen does, but more enthusiastically. This enables us to get quick results while we’re waiting for the HBOT to do the deep cleaning work.

Additionally, our HOCATT has an infrared sauna built in to further support the immune system and circulation, as well as electrotherapy, which targets the Lyme bacteria using resonant frequencies.

Reflexology Foot Compression: This rare tool utilizes compression to stimulate reflex points and meridians, enabling both diagnostic and therapeutic benefits. It is particularly helpful in illuminating issues that might be exacerbating the Lyme Disease or preventing the body from fighting the Lyme. It is typically used at the start of treatments to ensure we are covering all of our bases.

Nutrition Counseling: While not the most glorified of approaches, proper nutrition is one of the most important. Eliminating problematic foods and maximizing nutrient-dense healing foods is vital to bolstering the body as it fights Lyme. We have a full protocol that can be customized based on individual factors.

Supplementation Protocol: Many herbs and supplements have been shown to be effective against Lyme Disease and we’ve put together a list designed to maximize your results without overly burdening your wallet. These supplements are designed to speed up the Lyme-killing process, minimize the unpleasant side effects of Lyme die-off, and accelerate the healing phase of treatment.

Epigenetic Nutritional Analysis (hair analysis): While not an absolute necessity for the Lyme protocol, we very highly recommend this assessment to ensure your body is getting exactly the nutrients that it needs right now. This test requires a hair root sample, which is scanned and analyzed against several environmental factors to determine personal risks, needs, and recommendations. It doesn’t get more personalized than this.

Functional Blood Test Review: While most doctors use blood testing to help diagnose issues and track progress, they often ignore important factors that could be extremely important to healing. For example, blood marker levels that would be ignored by a conventional practitioner may be the key to boosting energy levels, enhancing immunity, and seeing better results.

Our functional blood test review makes sure nothing important is being ignored. This module is particularly useful in tandem with the hair analysis.

Lymph Compression Suit: In the process of cleaning the body out from Lyme and all the other garbage that comes with it, sometimes the body struggles to complete the detoxification process, which is when the lymph system carries all of the toxins to the proper exit points (the urine and feces). When this occurs there can be issues such as edema and general malaise.

Our lymph suit is the perfect finisher in our Lyme protocol. It uses compression across the whole body to ensure blockages don’t occur. As a positive side effect, most people report the experience is extremely pleasant.


As you can see, our Lyme Protocol is thorough, effective, and unique. The best part of it, though, is that it remains effective even if the entire protocol is not implemented. We’ve seen good results from the HBOT alone. We’ve also seen results from just the HOCATT.

But when you combine multiple modalities you generate synergistic benefits that go above and beyond anything available elsewhere. Combine that with support and complementary treatments from a Lyme-literate practitioner and you have what could be the greatest weapon available for Lyme anywhere.

If you’d like to learn more about our Lyme protocol or you someone who could benefit from it, we can be reached at the following contact information:

Phone: (801) 691-1765
Text: (801) 810-1420
Address: 1371 S State St, Orem, UT 84097


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