What is Foot Compression Reflexology?

What is Foot Compression Reflexology?

Really, though; what is foot compression? And what is reflexology? Great questions! They can be difficult to explain because most people have never even heard of foot compression reflexology here in the USA (and that’s because there are only a handful of people who practice it in the world, much less in the states).

Your feet have reflexes in them that correlate with every organ and organ system in your body. A foot compression treatment is designed to stimulate ALL these reflexes in your feet which, in turn, stimulate the organs in your body, helping them to function better and detox quicker. Why allow your body organs to function at 60% capacity when they can be functioning at 100% capacity? And how exactly is this stimulation performed through the feet to the body organs? Well, with our specialized boots!!

for 5-15 minutes, all the air is quickly sucked out of these boots using a special machine. Many people compare the sensation to wearing really tight ski boots. During this period people will experience tingling, bubbling, itching, or even increased stimulation in the feet.

After the 5-15 minutes, the boots are quickly taken off so the feet can be viewed. What occurs next provides a valuable window into seeing what is going on inside your body.

Because you can stimulate the organs through the reflexes in your feet, you can also find the imbalances of each organ by examining the feet. When the boots come off, different colors and patterns will appear according to the imbalances your body is experiencing in that moment. An example of this can be viewed below:

What was observed in this particular case was that, even though the client had not felt the full effects of the viral infection in her body just yet, her body was working very hard to fight it off at that given time. The only symptoms she was aware of in that moment were loose bowels and fatigue. The very next day she felt the full force of the viral infection.

So, yes, we can “read” what’s going on inside your body through this treatment. But we can also treat your body and help it heal itself through the stimulation of these reflexes while the boots are on you.

This foot compression reflexology system is a bit more widely used in Europe, South Africa and Australia, in spite of never gaining traction in the United States. Fortunately, it is available right here in Utah County at Provo Health. Come on by or give us a call to learn more and schedule a treatment.

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