Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Discover the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Increase blood flow and circulation
Enhances the effectiveness of antibiotics
Reduce swelling and pain

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"I GOT MY LIFE BACK! I have no doubt that these treatments were a big part of this. I'm so grateful to be able to participate in life again and to feel good."

Kelly S.hyperbaric client
Step 1

High Pressure

Our chambers are capable of taking you to pressures of three atmospheres. For perspective, that is equivalent to almost 59 psi or being 99 feet under the sea!

While we typically use a slightly lower pressure for surgery recovery (2.0 - 2.5 atmospheres is most common), these are still depths that most publicly-available chambers are not capable of reaching. Outside of a hospital, the majority of hyperbaric chambers are only capable of reaching 4 psi (0.3 atmospheres). That's magnitudes less!

Step 2


Our oxygen is certified 99.5% pure. To put that number in perspective, the estimated oxygen concentration of the air in Utah is 16% (compared to around 21% at sea level). That means our oxygen is over 5X the purity of what your body typically has access to.

Our high-purity oxygen is delivered to you through a surgical mask. This ensures you are breathing as much oxygen as possible without leakage.

Step 3


When the high pressure of the chamber is combined with the high-purity oxygen you will be breathing through the mask, an interesting phenomenon takes place. The oxygen gas is compressed into a much smaller volume. This enables the oxygen molecules to travel to parts of the body they previously would not have had access to, such as surgical wounds.

This is remarkable because your body uses oxygen to create ATP, which it uses as "molecular currency." In other words, our cells' ability to communicate, transport materials, move around, replicate, and more is all dependent on getting adequate levels of oxygen.

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What to Expect

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The Day of Your Session

1. Drink plenty of water.*

2. Wear comfortable clothing, preferably cotton.

3. Be prepared to remove jewelry and all items from your pockets.

*If you are prone to a weak bladder or frequent urination you might want to schedule an earlier appointment and wait until after your session to drink lots of water.

When You Arrive

1. Consider using the restroom prior to starting.

2. Double-check all belongings are secured and out of pockets. This includes electronics.

3. Remove shoes and jackets.

4. Be prepared to “pop” your ears several times as the chamber pressure increases. Don’t worry; we’ll guide you through it.

In The Chamber

1. We have two chamber options for your convenience and comfort: A more spacious chamber and a faster chamber.

2. Both chambers are equipped with a tablet and sound system so you can watch or listen to whatever you like on Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, HBO On Demand, YouTube, or Google Music.

3. A 2-way communication system enables us to quickly see to your needs during your session.

4. Appointments typically require 90 minutes.