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Cecilia Salvesen

Cecilia Salvesen is an author, educator, reflexologist, aromatherapist, massage therapist, and all-around master clinician. With over 30 years of experience on 2 different continents, she has seen it all and she has a track record of success. From nutritional counselling to rare and specialized massage modalities, she has a solution for everything that comes her way.

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Tristin Roney

Tristin Roney, MA (Contemplative Psychotherapy), was near the end of a decade plus of schooling to become a licensed psychologist when he was diagnosed with Stage IV rectal cancer. His entire life was derailed and it cost him his career in psychology. Fortunately, he was able to utilize many of the skills he had developed to pivot into an effective patient advocate for others.

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Juanique Roney

Juanique Roney is a natural born healer. She was trained in massage therapy in 2008 and soon after developed her own unique massage modality that gets results significantly faster. She has expanded her knowledge and abilities to include nutritional counselling and patient advocacy. Having healed herself of severe thyroid disease and helping her husband get through a Stage IV cancer diagnosis, she has become an expert in many areas of health.

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