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Dr. Jeff Wright, ND

• Naturopathic Doctor

With over twenty years of dedicated service in naturopathic family medicine, Dr. Jeff Wright has distinguished himself as a vanguard in the field of functional medicine. His approach is deeply rooted in addressing the core issues of medical conditions, steering clear of superficial treatments. A graduate of the prestigious National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, Dr. Wright earned his medical degree in 2002, marking the beginning of a career centered on patient-centric, natural solutions.

Dr. Wright's practice is a testament to his belief in the power of natural therapies, often favoring them over conventional pharmaceuticals. His expertise spans a broad range of modalities, including clinical nutrition, homeopathy, physical medicine, herbal treatments, intravenous (IV) therapy, and minor surgery. Renowned for his proficiency in advanced IV therapeutics, oxidative therapies, phospholipid treatments, and bio-identical hormone replacement therapies, Dr. Wright has undergone extensive specialty training, ensuring his patients receive the most innovative care.

Dr. Wright's leadership reflects his commitment to the advancement of naturopathic medicine. His influence extends beyond clinical practice, having been appointed to numerous state boards by two Utah governors. His professional affiliations are extensive and have included memberships in the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, The Institute for Functional Medicine, and the American Academy of Ozone Therapy.

An alumnus of the National University of Natural Medicine, Dr. Wright has also completed a residency in Alpine, Utah (2002-2003), a fellowship in Oxidative Therapies (2016), and specialized training in Dr. Bredesen’s protocol for cognitive decline and the Amen Clinic Brain Health Course (both in 2021). His expertise encompasses a range of specialized therapies, including intravenous, oxygen, and regenerative therapies.

Dr. Wright's role extends into professional development and education. He has served as an instructor with SOPMed, focusing on oxidative therapies and joint injections. His tenure includes significant contributions as the chairman of the Utah State Licensing Board (2006-2014), member of the Utah Controlled Substance Advisory Committee (2010-2018), and the Utah Naturopathic Formulary Committee (2004-2012). Additionally, he has been a valuable member of the scientific advisory boards for various private companies.

Internationally recognized as a speaker, Dr. Wright passionately shares his knowledge on health and nutrition, influencing peers and the public alike. His commitment to enhancing wellness through natural, effective therapies has established him as a luminary in his field, continually striving to elevate the standards of naturopathic care.

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At Provo Health, you aren’t just a list of symptoms. Symptoms give us clues as to what might be going wrong, but we treat the whole body with the intent to heal, not just cover up your symptoms. We do this through our unique, functional healing approaches—from nutrition, to one-of-a-kind, scientific functional testing, to truly unique treatments, and more. We make sure the healthiest version of you leaves empowered by answers and solutions, because we don’t believe in band-aid approaches. We believe in life-changing answers.

Founded in 2012 in Provo..

... We had one goal in mind: bring the best possible healing methods to Utah. It started with just one service: massage therapy. On top of that it had just one employee: Juanique Roney.Though small, Provo Health quickly gained a loyal group of customers that loved the individual treatment they received and the incomparable results they experienced. Juanique’s unique form of neurostructural massage therapy was an instant hit with clients.Everything changed in 2016 when Juanique’s husband, Tristin, was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. The Roneys began a journey of education, experience, and enlightenment about the world of health and healing. They developed a new resolve to help people improve their health naturally and affordably.

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