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Here at Provo Health, our services work hand-in-hand with eachother. Our highly trained (and highly loveable!) coaches are here to guide you along your entire health journey.


30 Years of Natural Healing

Get a 30 Page Report specific to YOUR Health!

Analyse food and other environmental factors that are affecting you, such as EMF's, mold, bacteria, viruses, toxic metals, and more.

Focus on your food and heal your entire body.

Our society's obsession with finding a magical pill for every problem has failed us. This program will help you get back to real foods.

A program just for you, based on your specific genes!

Don't force yourself into someone else's box. This epigenetic analysis examines gene states to determine what you need right now.

Get your priorities straight.

It's so overwhelming! Where do you even start? Our report does all the hard work for you, helping you put first things first.

Get a step-by-step guide to health success.

We'll break it down for you in simple terms to help you overcome decision fatigue. All you have to do is follow each step! Easy.

We'll help you follow the plan with follow-ups!

Most programs fail because they lack accountability. Our coaches make sure to follow-up to help you get it done.



All of our services work hand-in-hand to get to the root of, and display, your clearest path to health. If you have questions - call us anytime and one of our coaches can help you book the right services :)

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