Introducing FLOWPresso®

Lymph Suit Therapy

FLOWpresso® enables the body to reset. It works to restore balance and regain a normal state of well-being.

What Is Lymph Suit Therapy?

The FLOWPresso® is a Lymph "suit" that goes on the entire body. It's a breakthrough non-invasive natural therapy that delivers a 3-n-1 sensory treatment, comprised of: Compression, Far Infrared Heat, and Deep Pressure Therapy.

This is basically a fancy way of saying that it releases toxins and has the ability to encourage the body’s self healing mechanisms, as well as carry all of your body's toxins to the proper exit points. AKA - proper flow in the body.

Proper Flow In The Body.

In the process of cleaning the body out from Lyme and all the other garbage that comes with it, sometimes the body struggles to complete the detoxification process, which is when the lymph system carries all of the toxins to the proper exit points.

When this occurs there can be issues such as edema and general malaise. Our lymph suit is the perfect finisher in our Lyme protocol. It uses compression across the whole body to ensure blockages don’t occur. As a positive side effect, most people report the experience is extremely pleasant.

What Exactly Do I Do?

FLOWpresso sessions last for 40 minutes. Fully clothed, a member of our team will help you into the suit. The suit will inflate with air, but with no discomfort, will be followed by infrared heat. The lymph suit will then use 22 individual chambers to apply calming pressure around the body and help direct your body's proper circulatory flow.

FLOWPresso® Benefits.

What does a Lymph Suit do for the body?

• Improve energy.

• Promote weight loss.

• Promote relaxation.

• Improve general mobility.

• Improve endurance in sport.

• Promote sleep management.

• Support stress management.

• Improve recovery in health and sport;

• Enhance the natural healing state of the body.

But, is this for me?

Looking for a cleanse?

Then YES! If you're on the path to heavenly-health, we promise it's for you. The Lymph Suit is especially designed for those wanting to clear out all that yuck from their body in an advanced, and effective way.

The FLOWPresso®

Book Lymph Suit Therapy

By having several, regular sessions with FLOWpresso, it creates the opportunity to hone in on what your body needs to repair, rejuvenate and recover. You can get FLOWpresso as often as twice a week, but it is recommended you have a break of three days in between each session.


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