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Functional Blood Work Analysis
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Have you ever experienced the Medical Merry Go ‘Round with your doctors in the past where you’ve felt sick, tired, sluggish, not yourself, but after what feels like multiple blood tests all your doctor has to say is, “everything with your blood work looks normal?”

Did you know “normal ranges” in blood work that doctors use are not FUNCTIONAL ranges, meaning even though you may be within normal ranges, they are not optimal ranges for health and wellness. You can experience symptoms of illness and appear “normal” to your doctor.

That’s where our functional blood work analytics comes in. Our ranges are so specific, that they will give you real answers to your health concerns.

Below is an example of a clients blood work results who’s doctor told her she was within normal blood work ranges. However, as you will see, according to our analysis, this client was very sick and we could see that.

No longer do you have to go around searching for answers that are right in front of you. When you come to see us for your blood work analysis we will help explain to you exactly what is going on in your body and give you steps you can take to heal that.