Massage Therapy

Custom massage therapy designed around the individual.

Often times you hear therapists say, “I do Swedish” or “I do Rolfing”. For me it’s hard to label exactly what I do because what I do is “Custom-fitted” to each individual’s body. First, I ask, what are the physical, chemical and emotional imbalances causing the client dis-ease and how to we best approach theses imbalances? Do we treat through therapy, through diet or through both? Whatever the case is, I always incorporate techniques that get the quickest and fastest results specific for your health issues, health goals and health concerns.

The main techniques I use are as follows:

Neurostructural Massage

This modality incorporates the nervous system, structure and muscular system to treat the ENTIRE body…that is the whole body instead of just focusing on muscles or just structure or just nerves. This technique is very effective in getting, and maintaining, long-term results by pinpointing the muscle groups that are needing the most work and by pinpointing the muscle groups that may need to be avoided for the time being due to injury.

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Sports Massage

Exercise is KEY to keeping your body young and healthy. Unfortunately our body will encounter “glitches” or minor mishaps that, if not dealt with soon, WILL lead to further chronic injury. Sports massage is often needed to help maintain optimal function in our body so that we can continue to do those things we love to do everyday, whether it’s cycling, climbing, running, hiking, or just picking up your kids. In order to keep our “engines” running smoothly and for a long time it is vital that we strives to prevent sports injuries before they start. Sports massage can help those who wish to maintain their physical activity load at maximum capacity!

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