Autumn Day

Honestly Essential Oils

Autumn Day


Our Autumn Day is our wonderful seasonal blend intended to remind you of the beauty of the changing season and all it encompasses: Orange cider drinks, cool mornings wrapped in blankets, burning fire places in mountain cabins, or orange and red rustling leaves.

Our signature blend of Clove, Cinnamon, Pine, Patchouli and Orange are great circulatory stimulants to help keep your immune systems healthy and in check. They are very antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal and will prepare you for the winter months that approach.

Autumn Day is excellent for:

  • Diffusing because it helps to purify the air.
  • Adding to lotions, oils or liquid soaps for skin care and hygiene.
  • Muscle pain. Add it to a carrier oil and rub into afflicted area.
  • Potpourri. Keep your house smelling like fall constantly (but just without the nasty chemical smells).

We know you will love this blend as much as you love the sound and smell of crisp wind blowing through the pine trees.