Cecilia's Day and Night for Mature Skin

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Cecilia's Day and Night for Mature Skin


**New Label! Same great product!

Day & Night Cream & Skin Food

This incredible cream is a best-seller! There is no better face product for keeping your skin vibrant, young, and smooth. This cream is moisturizing and has many anti-aging benefits. And with organic ingredients so clean you could eat them (please don't eat them), you're taking care of the rest of your body, too.

*Absolutely no preservatives in this formula. Keep stored in a cool dry area and use a q-tip or makeup spatula to remove the product from the jar to prevent introducing bacteria into the jar. 

Application: Apply morning and evening, or as needed.

Ingredients: Organic cold-pressed aloe vera gel, virgin organic grapeseed oil, extra virgin organic olive oil, fresh raw wheatgerm oil, vegetable emulsifying wax, palm stearic acid (100% palm, GMO-free), and essential oils.

Essential oils: Rose (absolute), neroli (absolute), frankincense (organic), geranium (organic), lavender (organic), lemon (organic).

Size: 50 ml