Holiday Spice
Holiday Spice

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Holiday Spice


Christmas Cheer is incomplete without the scent of Holiday Spice roaming through the home. This is an all time favorite blend of ours as well as all our customers that request it year 'round.

With the perfected formula of clove bud, cinnamon leaf, peppermint, orange and pine, you will have all the holiday festivities bottled for use in the palm of your hand. Gingerbread homes, apple cider, chocolate orange candies and the wonderful smell of pine Christmas trees, Holiday Spice will enhance all these smell and flavors in your home and remind you that everyday smells like the perfect Holiday.

Diffusing Holiday Spice also helps support your body's natural immune function during the cooler months. With the powerful forces of clove bud, cinnamon and pine will allow yourself and your family to enjoy the holidays with less sickness to go around.

These blends come in 10ml bottles.