Magnificent Mushrooms
Magnificent Mushrooms


Magnificent Mushrooms


Mushrooms are so powerful and yet they are under-celebrated, so we decided to give them a party of their own. Meet Magnificent Mushrooms: our super-functional adaptogen mushroom powder, your daily mushroom party—err, wellbeing boost. Here at Rasa, we source the best mushrooms around for our line of adaptogens coffee alternatives, so we realized that it was time to give them an extra-potent product to call their own. Add Magnificent Mushrooms to your Rasa, smoothies, broths, and fine... you can add it to your coffee, too, if that’s what floats your boat (we’ll still love you, promise).

Our daily boost mushroom extract powder is standardized to >25% beta-glucans (complex compounds found in mushrooms that provide immune support). For those who don’t speak mushroom, this means that Magnificent Mushrooms is the most potent mushroom blend on the market (yeah, we said it, and we stand by it!).

Magnificent Mushrooms is formulated for enhanced immunity, beauty, and balance—all the daily mushroom goodness you’re looking for. Meticulously crafted for potency and quality, our Chief Herbalist Ben included 6 highly functional, powerful, and (dare we say) freakin’ rad mushrooms to enliven your cup.

Magnificent Mushrooms features:

  • Turkey Tail Mushroom 8:1: Perhaps the most extensively researched of all the medicinal mushrooms, this colorful shelf fungus is particularly high in immune-balancing beta-glucans.
  • Cordyceps Mushroom 8:1: The powerful adaptogenic mushroom that enhances performance, immunity, sexual energy, and more.
  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom 8:1: The brain-boosting mushroom revered for enhancing mental agility and nourishing the nervous system.
  • Reishi Mushroom 16:1: The “spirit plant” considered by ancient Chinese sages to be the key to immortality. A shen tonic and adaptogen, Reishi profoundly balances and boosts the body & mind.
  • Tremella Mushroom 1:1: The white-as-snow mushroom is known for its jelly texture and skin-beautifying properties.
  • Poria Mushroom 1:1: The adaptogenic mushroom that supports a balanced mood and relaxation in the face of life’s stressors.

30 Servings