The Secret to Successful Dietary Changes

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Hi, everyone! Juanique here. Can we talk?

I’ve let you down and I’m sorry. But I’ve come up with a way to make things right. First, let me back up a bit.

Over the past year I’ve done about 100 epigenetic nutritional (hair) analyses. And I’m constantly shocked by the accuracy of each report I covered.

For those who aren’t aware, the hair analysis allows us to pull out all sorts of information about the functional status of your body just by examining the roots of your hair with a specialized scanner. 

I had such high hopes with this technology. I thought, “If we can show people what’s wrong then they’ll now know how to fix it! We’ll teach them how to fix it by educating them on proper eating.”

But there was a fatal flaw in my logic. One that prevented everyone from achieving success with the dietary recommendations almostEVERY SINGLE TIME.

What I failed to properly understand was how intimidating it is for many people to eat a healthy diet based on whole foods.

I would sit with clients for over an hour, trying to explain to them how to eat, only to learn weeks later that they hadn’t implemented the recommendations at all.


Because the recommendations were too much of a stretch for them. Eating differently was so out of their comfort zone that they would feel overwhelmed to even try.

Honestly, I felt terrible! I felt like I was failing every single client!

Here is the basic law of nature that I was misunderstanding:

Knowledge might be power but action is 10x more powerful.

Fortunately, my ignorance would not last forever. The penny finally dropped for me one day after hearing about another client losing their battle with soda and twinkies. 🙁

That day I realized two things:

Changing your dietary lifestyle isn’ t just hard, it’s one of the most difficult things you will ever do.

Because of this, you are unlikely to have a lot of success through the process without a lot of specific and personalized guidance. You need detailed instructions for every step of the way.

You need TRAINING!

So I had an epiphany. But how was I supposed to help everyone I work with in a lasting and impactful way? How would I dictate to 100’s of people how they were to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve agonized over this for months. It has been a real struggle.

Here’s where I have good news, though: I’ve found a solution!! 

I’m really quite proud of this and I cannot wait to share it with you. Want to hear it?


Here goes: We have created a recipe book and a fool-proof program!

Not only do I give you a food menurecipes, and shopping list for your recipes, but I also give you a Daily Guide that instructs you on the step-by-step meal prep directions.

This program is so intuitive a caveman could do it!!

And if you think this is just like all the other recipe books, boy you are wrong!

Would your mind be blown if I told you that, according to your hair analysis report, we could individualize your recipe book to include certain foods and exclude others? It’s true!! I can customize your recipe book to include food recommended for you and to exclude those you might be sensitive to.

Have doubts about just how amazing my recipe book will be?

Well I got you. I’m going to throw in a miniature meal planner for you for FREE!! Just to try out!

I promise you will love the simplicity and yum-factor of all of these quick and health on the go snacks.

So here’s my offer to you: Please consider taking us up on one of two gifts.


  1. Option one (if you are local) is a discount on your next Hair Analysis, whether you’ve had one in the past or not. We will test you and give you a $10 discount. Best of all, you will be given a personalized recipe book specific to your hair analysis and to what your body is asking for. This personalized recipe book will give you an entire menu, planner, meal-prep guide and shopping list. Click here to reserve your discounted hair analysis now.
  2. Option two, if you choose to not do the hair analysis, is a FREE one week menu guide that includes all the bells and whistles I’ve mentioned earlier. Click here for your free planner.

Please enjoy this free gift from us.

And, regardless of which option you choose, please come to us with any food or health questions you have. I now realize you will definitely have them, and we will always be happy to answer them. You are not alone in this quest for good health.

My friend: Food just got 90% less complicated for you.

You don’t have to think about, research, plan, organize, or create meal ideas ever again. I have done all of that for you. All you need to do is buy the food and throw it together!

Say GOODBYE to decision fatigue!

Happy eating!


PS – In case you missed it above, to get the discounted hair analysis click here. Or, if you’d rather just get the free one-week planner, click here.